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"Invaluable case studies and thought-provoking discussion questions"

The Value Proposition guide was a game-changer for me as an engineering lead. It helped me move beyond just knowing JTBD as a buzzword and put it into practice through various case studies. I was also impressed by the insights into emerging products like BeReal, which shed light on what younger generations care about, and impactful companies like Imperfect Foods and Perennial, which broadened my perspective beyond the typical Silicon Valley problem sets. Additionally, the guide provided valuable insights into the success of popular products like Netflix, Zoom, and Dropbox. I highly recommend this guide to anyone looking to stay up-to-date with product trends and apply a customer-centric approach.

Chris Liu
Director of Engineering at MasterClass
"Not only pricing experts need to know this class"

The Monetization guide completely blew away my expectations! Ian was a fantastic lecturer and engages his audience through clear and concise note-sized lectures, perfect for consuming during a commute. He starts with the basics and builds up to actionable frameworks and methods, as well as real-life case studies which brings all of his teachings to life. It’s not just for the pricing expert, but for anyone in a commercial role. It shares valuable lessons linking monetization strategy to product strategy, business operations, and more!

Madison Frye
Product Manager at Garner Health
"A useful guide for prospective founders and product managers."

The Value Proposition guide helps you understand products that you might commonly intersect with yet rarely think of how it was built. I learned lots about how popular product became successful. It was very interesting to hear from the case’s founder herself on her personal journey. It’s a useful guide for prospective founders and product managers.

Sophia Dai
Product Manager at Google Play
"An effective toolkit for overcoming procrastination!"

The Productivity by Design guide seamlessly ties science-based theories of change into real-life practice. Deborah Teplow, an expert of her solution-focused approach, does a fantastic job explaining the basis of procrastination through the Behavior Design Model framework and detailing existing barriers. By using real-life examples and exercises, this course is an effective toolkit for overcoming procrastination! I would highly recommend for anyone who struggles with procrastination.

Dana Hyde, MPH
Board Engagement Coordinator at Partners in Health
"Breaks the analysis process down to a science without overcomplicating it"

The Real Estate Investing guide provided a simple step by step process to start investing in real estate remotely. I loved the focus on property management and the in depth review of how important one is. Most people brush over finding a good property manager and this guide explained how it can indirectly cost you more money. The discussion about cash flow and its importance is key. If I were new to remote RE investing, the section on picking a location and market would have been most useful. I feel this is one of the most important and difficult steps for someone starting out. I have purchased a few properties in the past, so I was familiar with the process, but understanding the importance and steps of picking a market and analyzing a property were the biggest unknowns for me.

Chris Anderson
Asset Manager and DIY Landlord