Pricing Playbook Top Tech Companies Use to Refine Their Monetization Strategies

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Monetization is one of the most important decisions you can make.

As a business leader, your approach to monetization can significantly shape the trajectory of your product. This online book provides comprehensive insights into the essential elements of pricing, packaging, and promotion. Delve deep into methodologies that encompass data analysis, modeling, and primary research techniques such as interviews and surveys. Concluding with strategic pricing and the nuances of executing a price change, this online book underscores the pivotal role of monetization in product success.

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Expert Background

Contribution and Review

Glenn Teuber
(Former COO, Google Fi)
Amit Ghorawat
(Head of Product, YouTube CTV & Live Ads)
Ashton Udall
(Product Lead, Google Devices and Services)
Julia Xu
(CEO of USourced)
Diana Chen
(Senior Product Manager, Catchafire)
Madison Frye
(Product Manager, Garner Health)


“Best book I have read on this topic, hands down.”

Monetization is a must read for any founders, executives, and product leaders. Ian does a fantastic job of outlining a pricing and packaging discovery process for startups, and dives into how to build a culture of constant improvement and iteration. Monetization is the best book I have read on this topic, hands down.

Ankit Goyal
Ankit Goyal
Co-Founder, Stealth Startup
"Rewire your brain in the best possible way"

Ian's book on monetization will rewire your brain in the best possible way and is a must listen to anyone who is launching or adjusting their pricing. This book changed our approach to customer interviews, strategy, and had a truly net positive outcome on our business. Thank you Ian!

Jeff Ponchick
Jeff Ponchick
Co-Founder, Mogul
"Not only pricing experts need to know this guide"

The Monetization guide completely blew away my expectations! Ian was fantastic and engaged his audience through clear and concise note-sized topics, perfect for consuming during a commute. He starts with the basics and builds up to actionable frameworks and methods, as well as real-life case studies which brings all of his teachings to life. It’s not just for the pricing expert, but for anyone in a commercial role. It shares valuable lessons linking monetization strategy to product strategy, business operations, and more!

Madison Frye
Madison Frye
Product Manager, Garner Health

Trusted By Many Successful Companies

Trusted By Many Successful Companies

Choose Your Own Adventure

Are you looking to monetize your product, design a business model, or launch your business?

Skip everything and just start answering the guided exercises in each module. I understand that some people work best by reflecting on their current projects. The guided exercises offer thought-provoking questions to assess your current strategy. Additionally, you have the opportunity to receive feedback from instructors.

Are you looking to better understand their customers' willingness to pay, prioritize product roadmaps, and target markets more effectively?

Start with the Value-Based Pricing topic to understand the most common pricing mistakes people make. Then, go through a comprehensive case study walkthrough with Evernote to learn how to implement pricing changes. Next, learn from a toolkit that includes Customer Interviews, Data Analysis, and Quant Survey to develop hypotheses to test in your business. This will help you learn strategies you can use right away, and you can jump around afterward for more information on specific topics.

Are you looking to refine and polish your existing monetization strategies to increase their average revenue per customer, reduce churn, and improve profitability?

Go through the program in order. The program is designed to help you develop a solid foundation and achieve a holistic understanding of the material. Take a pause at the end of each section to form your own hypothesis with the knowledge you learned in Module 3. Then, build your research plan with the knowledge gained in Module 4. Finally, create an execution plan that outlines who does what in learning from the cases presented in Module 5. By doing so, you will have the knowledge necessary to effectively utilize each resource in your toolkit.

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