A New Founder's Strategy Blueprint

Founder's Guide to Understanding Investors and Getting Term Sheet

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  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of fundraising strategies
  • Acquire practical know-how to unleash your fundraising potential
  • Understand, anticipate, and avoid common pitfalls to fundraise from a position of power

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Contribution and Review

Glenn Teuber
(Former COO, Google Fi)
Alexander Kern
(CEO, Dynaboard)
Alice Albrecht
(CEO, re:collect)
Stew Fortier


"Ariadne's Thread in the Startup Fundraising Labyrinth"

The Fundraising Guide, in the ever-evolving and dynamic landscape of startup fundraising, emerges as an indispensable tool. Crafted with precision, it offers both depth and clarity, embodying a professional yet accessible approach that is often sought but rarely found. This guide is a vital resource for industry professionals seeking to navigate the complexities of fundraising with acumen and agility.

Sokratis Sarafidis
Sokratis Sarafidis
Strategy BU Head, Financial Management Consultants S.A.
“Easily translated into our company’s landscape”

The early-stage fundraising guide has been an invaluable reference and learning tool as we figure out how to scale our business and put in place a road map for future growth. It demystified the experience of raising capital, and gave examples that were easily translated into our company’s landscape. One of the most beneficial takeaways was how to negotiate and understand the motivations for all stakeholders in a company’s growth: founders, employees, and investors.

Melissa LaCasse
Melissa LaCasse
Co-Founder, Tanbark Molded Fiber Products

Trusted By Many Successful Companies

Trusted By Many Successful Companies

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