Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing

Playbook on Buying and Profiting from Real Estate Properties

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Contribution and Review

Sandeep Madhavan
(Senior Vice President, HSBC)
Michael Wu
(Senior Software Engineer, Google)


"Breaks the analysis process down to a science without overcomplicating it"

This guide provided a simple step by step process to start investing in real estate remotely. I loved the focus on property management and the in depth review of how important one is. Most people brush over finding a good PM and this guide explained how it can indirectly cost you more money. The discussion about cash flow and its importance is key. If I were new to remote RE investing, the section on picking a location and market would have been most useful. I feel this is one of the most important and difficult steps for someone starting out. I have purchased a few properties in the past, so I was familiar with the process, but understanding the importance and steps of picking a market and analyzing a property were the biggest unknowns for me.

Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson
Asset Manager and DIY Landlord
"Better than any real estate investing book I have read"

This guide provides a clear, concise, and comprehensive framework for building your real estate portfolio. From picking a location all the way through closing, this guide provides the foundational framework I need to get started in Real Estate Investing. The most memorable for me is that it included links to key templates/tools that I can use going forward. I highly recommend for anyone in the REI industry.

Aaron Hintzsche
Aaron Hintzsche
Product Operations, Assurant
"With guidance from a mentor like Vidit, I am comfortable diving in and closing on a deal"

While studying real estate in college, I was never taught how to properly analyze a property or choose a property manager. These are important things that Vidit has taught in this guide that will benefit new investors.I appreciate how this guide was more focused on breaking down each step of an investment instead of purely focusing on numbers. It was helpful that this guide took a more realistic approach compared to others. The sequential order of steps was extremely beneficial.Being almost a year out of school now, I have finally found my passion. With guidance from a mentor like Vidit, I am comfortable diving in and closing on a deal.

Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim
Real Estate Investor

Trusted By Many Successful Companies

Trusted By Many Successful Companies

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