Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Case Studies on Prototyping and Achieving Product Market Fit

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  • Unlock the tactics of achieving product-market fit through 25 real-world case studies and actionable frameworks.
  • Learn to craft compelling value propositions, design pivotal experiments, and apply proven strategies to your own product.
  • Avoid the common pitfalls of product development by equipping yourself with the tools and insights to create products that not only solve real-world problems but also deeply resonate with users.

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Expert Background

Contribution and Review

Glenn Teuber
(Former COO, Google Fi)
Diana Chen
(Senior Product Manager, Catchafire)
Sophia Dai
(Product Manager, Google)
Charlotte Crowther
(Founder, Snapshot)
Madison Frye
(Product Manager, Garner Health)
May Shin Lyan
(Google Cloud)
Yuna Hur
(L&D Manager, Sidecar Health)


"A useful guide for prospective founders and product managers."

The Value Proposition guide helps you understand products that you might commonly intersect with yet rarely think of how it was built. I learned lots about how popular product became successful. It was very interesting to hear from the case’s founder herself on her personal journey. It’s a useful guide for prospective founders and product managers.

Sophia Dai
Sophia Dai
Product Manager, Google Play
"Invaluable case studies and thought-provoking discussion questions!"

This guide was a game-changer for me as an engineering lead. It helped me move beyond just knowing JTBD as a buzzword and put it into practice through various case studies. I was also impressed by the insights into emerging products like BeReal, which shed light on what younger generations care about, and impactful companies like Imperfect Foods and Perennial, which broadened my perspective beyond the typical Silicon Valley problem sets. Additionally, the guide provided valuable insights into the success of popular products like Netflix, Zoom, and Dropbox. I highly recommend this guide to anyone looking to stay up-to-date with product trends and apply a customer-centric approach.

Chris Liu
Chris Liu
Director of Engineering, MasterClass
"Build a great product that really solves the users' pains"

It's my great pleasure taking the Value Proposition guide by Prof. Deb. The contents are in digestible bite sizes that allow me to easily absorb the knowledge. The story format with the real life case studies along with Prof. Deb's soothing voice really makes the learning fun. The best thing I like about this guide that I can't get from other existing platforms like Coursera is the personal feedback and attention given by the Prof. on my individual comments and lesson exercises. I highly recommend this guide to entrepreneurs and product managers who want to build a great product that really solves the users' pains.

May Shin Lyan
May Shin Lyan
Solutions Consultant, Google Cloud
"Value Proposition Book for any and all size of company"

A strong value proposition is crucial for an organization’s success and survival. Few people in the world have the ability to synthesize decades of pragmatic experience and provide bite-sized, actionable advice on creating, deploying, and refining value propositions as Deborah Mills-Scofield can. No matter what level of management, size of company, and type of industry, this book series is the definitive guide.

R “Ray” Wang
R “Ray” Wang
Founder and CEO of Constellation Research, Inc., Author of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” and "Disrupting Digital Business"

Trusted By Many Successful Companies

Trusted By Many Successful Companies

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