Productivity by Design

Productivity by Design

Mental Models to Maximize Work-life Productivity

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  • Maximize your success: Replace a problem-solving mindset with a solution-seeking one by focusing on what's going right in your journey. Amplify success, not just solve problems.
  • Uplevel your workflow: From launching a product to scaling operations, our science-backed frameworks equip you to uplevel for high performance.
  • Supercharge your team: Learn how to apply design frameworks to improve prioritization, drive team performance, and collaborate more effectively.

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Contribution and Review

Glenn Teuber
(Former COO, Google Fi)
Jen Wang
(VP Product & Growth, thredUP)
Sophia Dai
(Product Manager, Google)
Charlotte Crowther
(Founder, Snapshot)


"An effective toolkit for overcoming procrastination!"

The Productivity by Design guide seamlessly ties science-based theories of change into real-life practice. Deborah Teplow, an expert of her solution-focused approach, does a fantastic job explaining the basis of procrastination through the Behavior Design Model framework and detailing existing barriers. By using real-life examples and exercises, this guide is an effective toolkit for overcoming procrastination! I would highly recommend for anyone who struggles with procrastination.

Dana Hyde, MPH
Dana Hyde, MPH
Board Engagement Coordinator, Partners in Health
"Combining science with common sense, this guide makes learning fun"

Productivity by Design is packed with great information on how our brains operate and what we can do to learn more about ourselves and enhance our effectiveness. Combining science with common sense, the guide makes learning fun, and has helped me tackle stubborn procrastination habits to focus on what is important to me.

Mark Hiemenz
Mark Hiemenz
Principal, Wiser Paths LLC
"My productivity has increased and I complete tasks with more ease."

The Productivity by Design guide allowed me to see myself as a person who engages in certain behaviors that can be changed, and gave me some new tools that provided me an opportunity to tackle the problem of procrastination in a different way than I had ever tried before. It was reassuring to learn that I was completely capable of changing this life-long problem! Changing my procrastination behaviors was easy to do in bite size steps, on my own time, in my own way. My productivity has increased and I complete tasks with more ease.

Emily Fussell, MPH
Emily Fussell, MPH
Master's of Public Health, Indiana University

Trusted By Many Successful Companies

Trusted By Many Successful Companies

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